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The municipality of Rheden, home to Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen, is also known for its art and culture. In Rheden, you will find 757 protected monuments, of which 213 are considered national monuments. This is unique for a municipality that is the size of Rheden. But not only Rheden is an interesting place to visit. The city of Arnhem is only a 10-minute drive from the hotel and also offers a wide variety of art and culture.

Open air theatre Pinkenberg    2 km
Castle of Rosendael  2,2 km
Gardens of Middachten 7,9 km
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Gardens of Middachten
Castle Middachten in De Steeg is surround by a beautiful estate as well as very special gardens: the Gardens of Middachten. Once you enter the gardens of Middachten, you will feel a sense of you will be overtaken by a sense of “realism” of this castle garden. 

Open air theatre De Pinkenberg
Open air theatre De Pinkeberg offers a beautiful program varying from concerts to shows, like the Gelder orchestra, child plays and local productions.

Castle of Rosendael
Caste Rosendael provides a beautiful image of how people used to live in a castle. Take a look at the unique collection of antique furniture, silver and porcelain. This imposing castle is surrounded by a large park with a lot of sights to visit.
Culture Details